Create contests, promotions, raffles, surveys and quizzes for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
Analyze & monitor any social content you need

  • Create contests & raffles with your Social Networks audience: photo contests, followers contests, hashtag promotions
  • Find out what data your competition gets with Instagram analytics tools: You can analyze any Instagram profile, hashtag or geotag.
  • Monitor profiles / hashtags / geotags on Instagram & Twitter that interest you and manage subscriptions to these monitorings to receive daily or weekly mails with them.
  • Performance data and graphics of the selected profile / hashtag / geotag on Instagram upto the last two years: Calculation of each KPI in the date range you select so you know the results for your social media marketing actions through our Instagram analytics tools.
  • Download reports with all your followers on Instagram & Twitter. You will get the following information: Username, bio, web, profile picture, full name, number of posts, number of followers, number of following and user ID.
  • Monitor your Facebook pages and compare yourself with your competitors (by country and sector). Export your data and charts in PDF and/or Excel.