Quiz or test

Have an impact on your audience thanks to a question-and-answer quiz or test. With this dynamic, you can ask and receive questions and answers related to any subject that you can think of. You can give them feedback when they are right and wrong, and combine it with content such as videos, images or texts.

What do you get with a quiz or test?


Gamify with a test type quiz. You can show users a summary with their answers on the final page and make them public, so that they compare them with those of other participants. In addition, thanks to the options to include interactive content such as videos or photos fun is guaranteed!

Get visits to your website

If your goal is to get more conversion to sales, visits to your website or blog, or readers of your online magazine, you'll get it with a questionnaire! With these mechanics you can customise the results pages and recommend a specific product, service, article...

Generate leads

Participation in this type of campaign is usually high, so you'll be sure to capture data from new users. In addition, if you decide to carry out a draw, the choice of a good prize can cause the amount of this data to increase even more and the promotion is shared and viralised by the participants themselves.

Step by Step:

  • Set up the test type quiz and custom result screens

  • Set up the landing page and participation methods

  • Encourage your users to follow your social network profiles and request social permissions for the app

  • Create the participation form to capture data and the legal terms

  • Analyse and optimise the campaign conversion

General features:

  • Quiz, contents and personalised results configuration

  • Total customisation of your campaigns with your look & feel. Template system

  • Multi-language

  • Responsive design compatible with any device

  • Tools and templates adapted to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Cool Tabs is simple and fast

Segment your audience

Integrate the data obtained through Cool Tabs into your CRM, DMP or email marketing platform, segmenting the data based on the answers of users to your quiz and the data you obtain in the form to create segmented campaigns.

Your campaign, wherever you want

With our content widget you can integrate your quiz or test to your website, blog, app, Facebook page. Share your campaign on any social network through the personalised URLs that we will provide you. Generate qualified leads through any channel.

Optimise your action

Analyse the data collected in real time with our conversion panel and our advanced statistics. Prepare the profiles of your users based on the feedback obtained. Identify strengths and leaks and make the corresponding adjustments in a simple way.