Women's World Cup 2019

Template: Women's World Cup 2019

With our Women's World Cup 2019 template forget about manually configuring your campaign. Customize your campaign with your logos, colors, and texts and launch your own Women's World Cup. The World Cup template includes several options, as well as a custom configuration in order to meet your requirements.

⚽ No time limitation: Launch your campaign at any time during the tournament.

⚽ Create a tournament long pool for maximum consumer engagement or opt for just for a specific stage pool; such as group stage, group of 16, quarter-final, or semi-final pool.

⚽ Match customization: Customise your pool to include all matches or only matches corresponding to a specific country (or only matches that impact a specific country).

⚽ Points Accumulation: Users accumulate points by predicting the outcome on different matches while generating engagement around your brand.

⚽Totally automated: Forget about compiling lists of matches, configuring results and assigning scores.