Case study: Shiseido

A high engagement rate and new fans.
A national case study supported by a TV commercial and a Youtube campaign

Cool Tabs’ services helped us implement the sweepstakes easily and at a very competitive price, without the need for an agency. I would highlight how fast they were at troubleshooting.

Belén Muñoz-Casayús, Web 2.0 Project Manager of Shiseido Spain

Keys to Success:

  • The great visibility of the campaign: Most of it focused on TV and Youtube, promoting Shiseido‘s slimming product commercial
  • The campaign’s featured product is one of the most decisive factors: We’re dealing here with a prestigious product, which is the #1 slimming treatment in the upscale market.
  • Using different media to advertise the product with which we reward the winner on the one hand and the app itself on the other hand
  • Participating in the sweepstake was very simple: You just filled in your personal information and answered a question. Simple dynamics are a constant in our stories of success
  • A clear goal: get new fans and keep having an impact on participants through emailing

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