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A cookie is a small text file stored in your computer or movile device through a web server and only that web server would be abel to restore or read the content of that cookie. Those cookies allow our web site to remember your user preferences, web preferences and provide you with a better user experience and service.

By using our platform, Cool Tabs an stablish in you web browser a detailed list of cookies needed in order to provide you with our services under our plataform. These cookies are session cookies (used to identify the user and the contracted services and to provide an excellent customer support, provided by our own technology and third-parties such, statistics cookies (in order to analize and offer you better products depending on the use of our platform, provided by Google Analytics ) and marketing & retargeting cookies (in order to provide you with custom products and services, provided by Google Adwords, Facebook & Adroll.)

Google Analytics Cookie

Cool Tabs store data about our users and visits. This data have an statistical purpose. With this, our company can offer better products and services, and improve day by day the current services.

Google Analytics solutions use some marks in pages and anonymous cookies. Also we have also enabled an interests data analysis provided by Google to provided our users better products.

Please find in the following list, a detailed example of GA cookies:

Cookie Expires at Provider Duration
__utma Persistent Google Analytics Analytics cookie. Store vistor ID and number of visits to the site.
__utmb Temporary Google Analytics Analytics cookie. Store session duration.
__utmc Temporary Google Analytics Analytics cookie. Store session duration.
__utmz Persistent Google Analytics Analytics cookie. Store session duration.

Consent & purpose

The user, by using our site, accepts this document and all clauses of previous sections. This website use only the cookies required to operate properly and to generate anonymous statistics required to improve our services. Cookies can store user IP. We do not use IP address to identify the user, we use the IP address in order to register users activity in our site.

The storage and process of this information has a technical purpsose. In any case the user can always configure his browser in order to not accept some or any cookies, delete any persistent cookies, after, before or during using our site. Also can use external tools to block any cookies set on their browsers.

More info
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We would like to notify all users that we use our own cookies, but also cookies from third parties so as to improve user experience, and produce interesting content. If you continue to use this website, we will assume that you accept our cookies policy.

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