Social performance: case studies

Get inspired with our case studies divided by sectors such as telecommunications, sports or retail

Listen to the conversation that is generated around your brand, products or services. Analyse what people are talking about on different channels and extract actionable information for your corporate strategies. Monitor your competition to obtain relevant information and integrate it into your company’s strategy and decision-making processes.


How can Cool Tabs help you? Discover our case studies to:

  • Global analysis: Monitor all relevant content and conversations from any source of information in real time: social networks, forums, media and websites.
  • Real-time monitoring for brands: Listen to what is being said about your brand on any online channel, including social networks, the media, forums, news, websites and blogs. Help your clients understand their online reputation and establish marketing strategies to improve it. Be the first to learn of all the comments generated about your brand with our notification system in real time.
  • Custom actions: Generate customised reports with the automatic and actionable classification of the analysed content through intelligent alerts based on volume, time, location, categorisations...



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In this guide you will find:

  • How to apply listening strategies to detect incidents on digital media channels for the telecommunications sector.
  • Brand and trend monitoring for sports & entertainment companies
  • Health & Pharmaceutical sector: Detection of side effects from medication intake and detection of symptoms and seasonal epidemics
  • Content curation on retail


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