Statistics and reports
for your Twitter hashtags, mentions and keywords

Monitor hashtags of your events and campaigns, mentions to your brand or to your competition. Manage content generated by your users and take advantage of it to build trust with your potential customers.

Who are the most influential followers that talk about your brand

In addition to revealing who are the 10 users with greater potential and influence in Twitter, we analyze their gender and location and indicate you how your engagement evolves in this network..

Makes a content curator work with user-generated content (UGC)

Monitor your Twitter hashtags, your keywords and mentions to your brand, events and campaigns and analyze UGC to spread it and use it as Earned Mediain your own campaigns and media.


What is the reach and number of impressions of a hashtag, keyword or mention

In our analysis of hashtags, mentions or keywords for your brand we show you what is your potencial reach, the number of impressions, the type of tweets than have been posted (tweets with links, with photos, etc.), the average followers and tweets per user who has posted with the hashtag, mention or keywork analyzed, etc. You are able to download these results in Excel or or graphics included in PDF.

Features of Page Performance to Twitter analytics

Page Performance is only available to Cool Tabs' monthly payment plans (Stone, Gold and Diamond and their One version).

  • Find out what data your competitors get with Twitter analytics tools: You can analyze any Twitter hashtag, mention or keyword.
  • Monitor hashtags, mentions or keywords that interest you and manages subscriptions to these monitorings to receive daily or weekly mails with them.
  • Only tweets more recent than one week ago will be collected, so it is important to start monitoring a hashtag, mention or keyword at the time when you create it.
  • Calculation of each data in the date range you select so you know the results for your social media marketing actions through our Twitter analytics tools.
  • Export your data and charts in PDF and/or Excel.

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