The best Instagram Marketing Tool

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Monitor any hashtags, geotag or profile on Instagram

Manage any content generated by your users on social network around your brand

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Make a content curator work with User-Generated Content (UGC)

Monitor your location on Instagram and the hashtags of your business, events and campaigns and analyze the UGC to share it and use it as Earned Media

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Create and launch promotions & raffles on your Instagram account

You can create followers contests, comments raffles or hashtags promotions really easy.

Features of Instagram analytics (Page Performance tool)

Page Performance is only available to Cool Tabs' monthly payment plans (Stone, Gold and Diamond and their One version).

  • Find out what data your competition gets with Instagram analytics tools: You can analyze any Instagram profile, hashtag or geotag.
  • Monitor profiles / hashtags / geotags that interest you and manages subscriptions to these monitorings to receive daily or weekly mails with them.
  • Performance data and graphics of the selected profile / hashtag / geotag upto the last two years: Calculation of each KPI in the date range you select so you know the results for your social media marketing actions through our Instagram analytics tools.
  • Download reports with all your followers. You will get the following information: Username, bio, web, profile picture, full name, number of posts, number of followers, number of following and user ID.
  • Export your data and charts in PDF and/or Excel.