Statistics and reports
for your Facebook pages

Monitor your pages and compare yourself with your competitors (by country and sector)


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Find out if your results on Facebook are better or worse than your competition

How do you know that your engagement and data you get in your business page are really good? Stop comparing yourself to yourself and do it to your competitors

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Get your report with all data in pdf and ppt

Page Performance not only lets you check your results of your Facebook page, also offers you the download of reports, that you will able to customise and send directly to your boss or client

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Simple representation of the most important data on your fan page

In addition to the average percentages achieved by your page and compared with those of your competitors, you will see the evolution of your reach, your engagement, etc. on downloadable graphics

Features of Page Performance Premium to Facebook insights

The premium version of Page Performance is available to Cool Tabs' monthly payment plans (Stone, Gold and Diamond).

  • Advanced Segmentation: Compare your Facebook page with pages of your own category and country.
  • Performance data and graphics of your Fan Page upto the last two years.
  • Calculation of each KPI in the date range you select so you know the results for your social media marketing actions.
  • Export your data and charts in PowerPoint (ppt) and PDF.