Social Walls for your events

Find and moderate the content published on Twitter and Instagram related to your event, display it real-time on different screens and increase your engagement.


Collect the content you want to display on your Social Walls through our filters and moderation tools. Integration with Twitter and Instagram.


Choose a theme, upload your logo, select the colours of your preference, add a background image and you’ll have your Social Wall ready. And if you want a different design, ask for it.


Your Social Wall will collect moderated Twitter and/or Instagram content and show it in real time. In addition, it will identify those tweets that have photos to also display the associated images.


In addition to measuring the results of your event, you can display the rankings on your screens, thanks to our real-time statistics. Boost engagement in your events with a Social Wall.

Social Walls at events

Increase the engagement of your event by giving relevance to the content of the users who participate both in person and remotely. Improve the image and reach of your event thanks to our walls.

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Corporate and digital Social Walls

You can also integrate a Social Wall on your website or install it in your office or shop to encourage employee or customer brand engagement.

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