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What can you achieve in Instagram with Cool Tabs?

Create sweepstakes and competitions on Instagram

A campaign allows you to get more Instagram followers, virality and engagement. You can run sweepstakes among comments or hashtags competitions. You can ask the participants to mention friends and to follow. More info about our Instagram sweepstakes apps.

Search Instagram hashtags and users easily

The Instagram observer is here! Explore the photography social network to your taste with Cool Tabs, searching for users or hashtags you are interested in. Do you need an Instagram report from your profile, any hashtag or geotag? Check out our Social Media Analytics service

Add your profile or your Instagram hashtags to your Fan Page

With our application Instagram Tab you will be able to create a tab on your Facebook page with your Instagram profile or with those photos published with a certain hashtag. A shortcut from Facebook to Instagram.

Include Instagram on your web o blog

Cool Tabs provides you with a microsite with your Instagram profile or photos published with the hashtag of your choice. Just add an "iframe" to your website or blog.

Install an Instagram Wall for your next event

Select the Instagram content you would like to project on a screen during your next event. Get a completely customized Social Wall with live rankings and stats that will be updated on real time with the photos and videos that will be posted during the event!

Monitor your actions in the photography social network

Cool Tabs provides you Instagram statistics and monitoring of Instagram profiles, hashtags and geotags. Your success will begin to be measured and controlled through our Social Media Analytics service! In addition, you are able to curate content and measure only what interests you.
Create sweepstake
Create your raffle, contest or sweepstake on Instagram with Cool Tabs. You can create followers contests, likes & comments competitions, hashtags promotions or micro-site campaigns.