We want to show Wildfire customers that we are the best alternative

Consigue gratis tu promoción para facebook

We have found out about Wildfire, one of the largest providers of social media marketing software in the world, owned by Google, will fail to give individual promotions service to its customers from June 30. Users who want to continue working with Wildfire will have to subscribe to its Social Marketing Suite, so those who do not consider that option, will have to find a new platform and… We believe that we are that new platform!

Wildfire began five years ago creating applications to include promotions on social networks with a team of two people, now there are hundreds of employees and is recognized for its innovation, inspiring leadership and contribution to the economy. So much so, that President Obama invited Victoria Ransom, founder of Wildfire, to Washington to represent Silicon Valley in the signing of the Jobs Act. Cool Tabs began only two years ago, with Wildfire as a reference, so we have tried to create a very varied range of applications that are accessible from the mobile and you can include on your website or on your blog, thanks to our multi-channel service. We care our customers the best possible, with support always aware of them, for that and much more, we believe we are the best alternative to Wildfire. For you to discover for yourself, we offer a discount coupon to try our promos and know what is good.