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About us

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We were founded in 2011 as a content tab editor, to replace the Facebook FBML application. At that time brands were making the leap to social networks. We decided it was the perfect time to develop applications to customise fanpages. We also launched our apps to launch promotions and competitions, and released the beta version. We were growing little by little, but we wanted more. At the present time, Cool Tabs has established itself as a complete Social Media Marketing platform, which allows you to not only manage your social media campaigns and web campaigns, but generate leads, analyse their conversion, carry out social listening and content management.

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Our values

Entertainment is marketing, and at Cool Tabs we like to have fun. In addition, we are empathetic. We try to get to know and connect with our customers as much as possible, so they can do it with their audience. We like to do things that are out of the usual. Therefore, we offer creative and customised alternatives for each customer.

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