Interactive content campaigns

Design marketing campaigns to generate leads, improve user engagement and get to know your audience.
No programming needed! On your website, on a microsite or on social media.

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All campaigns are designed to generate the maximum number of leads possible and increase your database of potential customers.


Your brand impact will increase thanks to user's actions and interactions with your campaign.


Increase user interaction by generating interactive content campaigns. Your content may even go viral!


Configure and customize the data segmentation levels you need from campaign participants. You can configure your participation forms any way you'd like.

Campaign types

Direct sweepstakes

Increase your social audience, boost brand loyalty and improve conversion rates by giving users rewards or gifts.

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Put your user's skills to the test with a challenge. Take user-generated content and use it as content for your brand.

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Questionnaires and quizzes

Get to know your users better with our interactive content: discover their tastes, interests and opinions and integrate them into your website, news or other media.

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Find out what your users think and generate engagement around your brand.

Create a voting campaign
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Build user loyalty by rewarding them with coupon campaigns. It's the perfect way to connect your customers with your followers on social media.

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Increase your engagement, entertain your community and gather reliable data for your database with our incredible games.

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Do it your own way — no programming needed!

Cool Tabs allows you to customize your campaigns so they reflect who you are. Create powerful, interactive and viral content without getting your tech team involved.

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Your data, at your service

See how your campaign is doing, who is participating, how your users behave and what your conversion rates are. You can also compare it with previous campaigns in real time.
All your data can be seen in one, easy-to-access place.

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