Interactive content campaigns

Design marketing campaigns to generate leads, improve user engagement and get to know your audience in detail.
Everything without the need to program! On your website, on a micro-site or on social networks.

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All our campaigns are designed to attract as many leads as possible, which allows your CRM database to keep growing with potential customers.


Your brand awareness will increase as the users interact with your campaigns.


Increase interaction with your users by generating interactive content campaigns which go viral.


Choose the level of data segmentation you need from your participants. Configure your participation forms to your wishes, easily and quickly.

Types of campaigns

Direct draws

Use incentives such as rewards or prizes to improve the conversion of your actions. Increase your audience while improving loyalty.

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Launch a challenge to call your users to action. User Generated Content contests will help you to improve your inbound marketing strategy.

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Questionnaires and quizzes

Interactive content will help you to know your users better, so make the most of it. These campaigns are ideal to display on your website, or in the news or media.

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Choose your favorite contest

Get to know your users’ opinions and preferences and generate engagement through a contest where they have to choose among different options.

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Discount coupons

Discount coupons are the best way to reward your users and strengthen their loyalty. Get your social media followers to become customers.

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Custom campaign

We help you to give shape to your ideas. We generate custom marketing campaigns with any type of dynamic.

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Custom campaigns
Do it your way. No need to program!

Cool Tabs allows you to totally personalise your campaigns with your look & feel. Create powerful interactive and viral content without the need of a technical team.

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