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Create authentic experiences that really work for your users. These brands are already acheiving that:

Our customers talk

"Cool Tabs has allowed us to reach records audiences for our corporate blog"

Daniel Montero
Communications Manager, Bankinter

Through simple draw on their social networks and more elaborate quizzes, such as "Do you know how to squeeze the most out of your salary?", Bankinter has managed to maximise its Inbound Marketing strategy, increasing its social and CRM audience and connecting and building loyalty with its customers. Get it too!

"Cool Tabs is very easy to use and their customer service is impeccable"

Ariadna Medrano Ramírez
SEO/ASO, BBVA Bancomer

Do you want to know the needs and preferences of your customers better and get them to link directly with your brand? BBVA Bancomer achieved this through competitions related to the sponsorship of the Mexican Football League, especially with a knowledge trivia.

“What we would highlight about Cool Tabs is the quality of the platform, the personalised service and the excellent human quality of the team"

Tous Jewelry Team

With an international campaign related to Valentine's Day, Tous achieved very high participation rates, in addition to fans’ feedback. The keys to that? The creation of original and quality content to offer its users a unique experience on social networks.

"Cool Tabs allows you to create competitions and complex campaigns with all kinds of functionalities in a simple and fast way"

Guille Rodríguez
Social Media Manager, Grupo Palladium

Create successful campaigns, such as Grupo Palladium "Pirate Travellers”, in which you attract new audiences and leads totally according to your buyer personas. Remember to choose, like they did, an attractive prize and spread the promotion by the appropriate means. With Cool Tabs, it's very easy!

"Cool Tabs has qualified profiles in digital marketing. They are clear, agile and comply with the proposed objectives "

José María Ruiz
CEO, Gocco

From direct draws on social networks to gamification quizzes and lead attraction, there are many actions that children's fashion brand Gocco complete with Cool Tabs. Our platform will allow you to manage and execute your actions for a complete digital marketing strategy.

"What we would emphasise about Cool Tabs is the professionalism of their services and the help that you offer at any moment with queries that we have"

Cristina Carricajo
Social Media Strategist, Grey, Domino's Pizza network agency

Campaigns through discount codes are an ideal way to attract new customers, build loyalty with existing ones and publicise your product and service news. This is what the Domino's Pizza chain did, connecting this action with a simple draw on lnstagram, the fashionable social network.

"Cool Tabs is very easy to use. These types of campaigns can be even more favourable than digital advertising"

Julio Marcos
Coordinator, Digital Marketing PFDC

Choosing non-intrusive actions and adapting the content to the needs of customers and potential customers is Pierre Fabré’s strategy. With A-Derma SOS, they banked on the followers themselves as being ambassadors, enhancing the knowledge of their brands through simple mechanics.

"Cool Tabs stands out for its simplicity of use and, above all, for its great efficiency"

Community Manager, DCODE Festival (Live Nation)

Year after year, thanks to a video competition in which amateur bands participate to play at the famous DCODE festival, because of the way they organise it they get close to their audience and identify the most excited audience and break down barriers. Choose User Generated Content!

Build gamification experiences with your brands that work and easily acheive your KPIs. These agencies are already doing that:

Agencies that work with us

“Cool Tabs allows us to shape a fundamental aspect of any content strategy: entertainment"

Social Media Team, Mr. Burns, Zadibe agency

Zadibe, distributor of wines and liquors (Licor 43, Alhambra...), needs original actions on social networks that enhance the proximity to its target audience. It is achieved through simple draws on the Facebook Wall, as well as dynamics based on simple participation forms.

"What we would highlight about Cool Tabs is the quality of the service, their flexibility and adaptability to the needs of each campaign"

Social Network Team, OnTwice, Cepsa agency

With their Christmas campaign “Por un roscón así, verás cómo vamosves” (For a cake like that, you'll see how you come back), Cepsa broke participation records with an Instant Win in which free gasoline was given away. The mechanics was a cake from which the participant had to choose a portion to guess if it contained a surprise.

"Cool Tabs simplifies campaign scheduling to the maximum and offers some very valuable statistics to calculate your success."

Clara Ferret
Account Executive, Netsense, Juanola agency

The trivias are one of the most interesting and fun dynamics to energise your community. This is what Juanola did to celebrate its 110th anniversary through a question and answer competition about the brand for its followers on social networks that made them gain notoriety and leads.

"The most remarkable thing about Cool Tabs is the ease and clarity of navigation and the possibility of collecting very useful and visual data."

Jorge Abad
Social Media, Arnold Madrid, Alsa agency

Alsa launches a large number of campaigns on social networks through mechanics such as quizzes, User Generated Content or Instant Wins, taking full advantage of target dates such as Valentine's Day or summer, and in doing so increase loyalty and attract potential customers.

"Cool Tabs always gives me a guaranteed response and provides flexibility and certainty in all processes."

Carlos Chenel
Technical Director of Mass Consumption, Havas Media, El Corte Inglés campaigns agency

For El Corte Inglés campaigns based on distribution or verification of coupons to retain and attract new customers are one of their main choices. For this, the technological adaptation and the integration with their webservices through Cool Tabs are fundamental when it comes to adapting to their different audiences.

"We like to work with Cool Tabs because of the simplicity of the application and the customisation possibilities it allows, as well as the quick customer service"

Marta Larrauri
Accounts Director, 101, Reale agency

With very simple mechanics and based on predictions for football matches, Reale managed to reward the loyalty of their followers on social networks, give visibility to their sponsorships and attract new customers. Their tricks? Impressive prizes and a low barrier to entry.

Create unique interactive experiences and boost on-site stay time. These communication media companies are already doing that:

Communication Media

"The information we get with Cool Tabs is very useful to feed our data and get to know the profile of our users better"

Carmen Zavala
Digital Marketing Manager & Content Distribution in ¡HOLA!

Through its personality tests and voting competitions, manages to stand out itself from its competitors by creating content perfectly adapted to its audience and thus achieving qualified data from its users and attract new readers.