Affiliate program

If you like Cool Tabs and always recommend our applications, now you can get benefits thanks to the affiliate program. You can register for free as a 'Cool Tabs Sponsor' and take commission for each new customer you bring.

How does our affiliate program work?

You register for free as a sponsor

By being affiliated, whenever you recommend Cool Tabs to another company you can get benefits. The moment your referrals buy, you can earn money. You will all win! Register for free as sponsor to get this benefit.

Recommend Cool Tabs

We encourage you to put into practice your qualities as a promoter when recommending our applications. We will help you whenever you need to be a member of Cool Tabs.

You earn a commission on sales

When 'your referrals' buy any of the services we offer, you will get 30% of their first purchase and 10% of the subsequent purchases they make during the first year. When you accumulate 50 euros we will pay you through PayPal.

Partners program

Are you a platform, agency or media specialised in digital marketing and social networks? Tell us your strengths and collaborate together to reach new audiences, readers and prospects! We want to know what partnership ideas you have in mind.

How does our partner program work?


Create collaborative content with our team. From guides and eBooks to articles and posts, we are confident that we can create very interesting content for our audiences and together improve our inbound marketing strategy.

Events and workshops

Do you want to hold an event or workshop related to digital marketing and social networks? Let's do it together! There is strength through unity and we can definitely achieve great results by collaborating.

Visibility and reach

If you become our partner, we can achieve more reach and visibility together through joint actions. Contact us with any ideas that you think we can collaborate in. We will be happy to listen to you!