Measure your results: statistics and reports

What is running digital activities good for if you can't maximize your results? It's easy with Cool Tabs. Review all your campaign data in real time: traffic sources, conversions, user behavior... Use this information to correct things for next time. It's quick and easy!

The advantages of measuring results

Listen to your users

Discovering your campaign participant's opinions is essential. They'll help you make your campaigns a success and get you good results. What devices do they use to participate? Did they get suck on a specific page? Analyze your statistics and optimize your campaign!

Increase participation rates

Correcting your errors and analyzing, for example, which days and times of day get the highest participation rates will help you promote your campaign, increase participation rates and go viral!

Integration with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

You can see all the data collected during your campaign on our platform. If you integrate your own fingerprints, you can also see them in your own Google Analytics account. You choose!

Step by Step:

  • Go to the statistics section

  • Analyze your results and create custom reports

  • Analyze its strengths and weaknesses

  • Correct errors to optimize your campaign

General features:

  • Participation rates: per hour, per day, per device, per source...

  • Visits and page views

  • Data from custom campaigns

  • Your campaign's conversion funnel

  • Download custom reports

Analyze your results

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Analyze your campaign's conversion funnel

It's important to analyze your campaign funnel, detect where leaks are coming from, and calculate how many users have visited your landing page and how many of them filled out your form. Is our image good enough? Is our quiz too long or too boring? Are we requesting too much information in our form? Strengthen your activity and correct errors to get the best results possible. Get all this, plus real-time results.

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Apply the results to your digital marketing strategy

If a campaign is working well, why not use the same formula again? With Cool Tabs, you can create tons of different activities and, thanks to our actionable statistics, make necessary adjustments and re-use your activities. Get even higher rates of participation with the audience you choose for each launch the second time around. See how your own digital strategy and results can transform your copy, creativity, content and levels of success.

Measure your results