Measuring results: statistics and reports

What is the use of launching digital actions if we can not maximise their results? With Cool Tabs, it is very easy. Check all the campaign data in real time: traffic sources, conversions, user behaviour..., and take corrective action accordingly. Easy and in minutes!

Advantages of measuring results

Listen to your users

The opinions of the participants of our campaigns are essential for a correctly carrying out the action and getting good results. From which devices do they connect? Do they get stuck on any of the pages? Check the statistics and optimise your promotion!

Increase participation

By carrying out the corrective actions and observing, for example, what are the times and days in which there is more participation in our campaign, we can disseminate and viralise it and, therefore, get more participation.

Integration with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

You can see all the data collected during the period that your campaigns last directly on our platform, or view them directly through your Google Analytics if you integrate your own fingerprints. You choose!

Step by Step:

  • Access the statistics section

  • See the results and get custom reports

  • See the strong and weak points

  • Make the corresponding corrective actions to optimise your campaign

General features:

  • Entries: per hour, per day, per device, per source...

  • Visits and page views

  • Data from custom campaigns

  • Campaign conversion funnel

  • Download custom reports

Analyse your results

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See your campaign's conversion funnel

Observing the funnel of our campaign, how many users have reached our landing page, how many have completed the form, and identifying where the leaks occur is essential. Is our image attractive enough? Is our quiz too long or boring? Is there too much data requested in the form? Reinforce the successes of your action and correct the failures and you will see how the results are unbeatable. Everything, in real time.

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Apply results to your digital marketing strategy

If a campaign works well, why not repeat the same steps? With Cool Tabs, you have the possibility to create dozens of different mechanics and, thanks to our actionable statistics, you can make the corresponding adjustments and repeat the success of your actions with more participation and viralisation depending on the audience that you choose to for each one. See how they convert your copies, creatives and content and reach the top with your digital strategy.

Measure your results