Excel contest: draw from a list

Use the Excel contest option to quickly and easily carry out a draw for a list of participants, either for online or offline draws, for subscribers to your newsletter, customers, attendees of an event, etc.

What do you get with an Excel contest or draw?

Unify online sweepstakes and draws

Excel contests or draws are very useful for unifying participants of other sweepstakes you have made on different social networks. It will allow you to draw one or several winners and/or alternate the set of draws.

Manage entries

This tool allows you to import the list of participants from an Excel, CSV or text file. This way you can control and eliminate duplicate entries from the same user. Goodbye, competitors!


Conduct offline draws and select the winners with this app to prove that it has been done transparently and is certified.

Step by Step:

  • If you wish, conduct your draws on different social networks

  • Import the Excel, CSV or text file with all the participants

  • Make the selection of winners and runners-up

General features:

  • Store data and download reports

  • Selection and publication of winners and runners-up

  • Winners page and validity certificate

Types of Excel contest you can carry out

Draws between social networks

If you want to launch a multi-draw on different social networks (Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter) and select a single winner, now you can do it!

Draws on YouTube

Reward your YouTube community. Organise a draw from the comments that your subscribers leave on your videos. You will only have to export your comments and import them into the app.

Offline draws

Reward the attendees of your event or the subscribers of your newsletter with a prize draw. Collect the participant list and upload it to the application to select winner.