Excel sweepstakes: draw from a list

Use our Excel sweepstakes option to run a sweepstakes from a list of participants. You can use it with participants in online or offline sweepstakes, newsletter subscribers, customers, event attendees, etc.

What do you get out of an Excel sweepstakes?

Combine online sweepstakes

Excel sweepstakes are great when you want to include participants from sweepstakes you've run on various social media sites. You can choose one or various winners and/or alternates from a combination of sweepstakes.

Control participants

This tool allows you to import the list of participants from an Excel, CSV or text file. That way, you can control and delete users that have participated more than once. Say goodbye to contest cheaters!


Run offline sweepstakes, select winners and create a certificate of validity with this app to prove your contest is legitimate.

Step by Step:

  • You can even run the same sweepstakes on various social media sites

  • Import the Excel, CSV or text file with all the participants

  • Select and publish winners and alternates

General features:

  • Store data and download reports

  • Select and publish winners and alternates

  • Winners page and certificate of validity

Types of Excel sweepstakes you can run

Sweepstakes on a variety of social media sites

You can now run cross-platform sweepstakes on numerous social media sites (Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter) at the same time, and choose just one winner.

YouTube sweepstakes

Reward your YouTube community. Organize a commenting sweepstakes where you choose a winner from the subscribers that comment on your videos. All you’ll have to do is export your comments and import them into the app.

Offline sweepstakes

Run a sweepstakes to reward your event attendees or newsletter subscribers. Upload the list of participants to the app to choose a winner.