Facebook Sweepstakes

Use the Facebook Sweepstakes app to run a giveaway using one or several posts on your wall. Select random winners automatically from among participants who ‘like’ (or any other reaction) or comment on your post. Publish the winners’ page, complete with a certificate of validity, to announce the competition result on Facebook.

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Facebook Sweepstakes

Key features

  • Automatic collection of entries
  • Comments giveaways
  • Likes giveaways (or other reactions)
  • Sweepstakes in organic and paid posts (post sponsors from Facebook Business Manager)

General Features

  • Unlimited sweepstakes. Run as many giveaways as you want!
  • No limit on the number of comments
  • Filtered using rules of entry
  • Selection tool for winners, groups of winners and reserve winners.
  • Public page of winners and certificate of validity
  • Data storage and access to the list of participants
  • Downloadable Excel spreadsheet of participants and winners
  • Video of the winners with the Facebook Giveaway result
  • App to generate and publish the legal terms and conditions

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Step by step

  • 1 Publish the Facebook Giveaway post on Facebook
  • 2 Choose the Facebook Sweepstakes app
  • 3 Link your profile and accept the Facebook permissions
  • 4 Draft the information about the competition: dates, posts, etc.
  • 5 Filter using the rules of entry and select the winners
  • 6 Communicate the result of the competition by publishing the winners’ page
  • Running a Facebook giveaway is a simple action that will bring benefits to your brand. It will attract an audience, and allow you to interact with your followers, increasing your engagement and viral reach.

  • With the Facebook Sweepstakes app, you can import entries to your competition and filter according to entry requirements (comments, giving ‘Likes’, etc.) to ultimately select the winners.