Facebook sweepstake or draw

Use the Facebook sweepstake or draw option when you want a fast as well as simple action on your wall. The only thing your followers will have to do is to "Like" or comment on the action. You will get the engagement that your brand needs!

What do you get with a Facebook draw or sweepstake?

Become better known

If in real life a news travels a long way through word of mouth, on social networks this is multiplied exponentially! Take advantage of our platform to become better known by the highest number of users.

Generate engagement

A Facebook draw can become one of your best allies when it comes to getting engagement. Encourage your followers to interact with your brand through your publications.

Foster and gain loyalty

Be different from your competitors! Offer your users fun and interactive content. Choose attractive prizes and attract new audience with Facebook competitions.

Step by Step:

  • Publish a post with the draw on Facebook

  • Choose the type of sweepstake: likes and/or comments

  • Make the winners selection manually or randomly

General features:

  • Draw from one or more (organic or paid) posts

  • List of participants updated on demand

  • Store data and download reports

  • Select and publish winners and runners-up

  • Winners page and validity certificate

Types of draws or sweepstakes you can carry out on Facebook

Comment draw or sweepstake

This option requires the user to leave a comment on your Facebook post to participate in the draw. You can also ask them to mention someone.

Likes draw or sweepstake

In order to participate, ask users to "Like" or choose one of the many reactions Facebook offers. They are just one click away from becoming participants!

Facebook Ads draw or sweepstake

Promote your competition and increase your reach in your comments and/or likes sweepstakes with Facebook Ads. Observe and identify your target audience and focus the Facebook competition on them.