Instagram giveaway

In an Instagram giveaway you can ask your followers or users to comment on a post, mention one or more people or use a specific hashtag and reward them for it. It's fast, simple and you can choose your winners randomly.

What do you get with an Instagram giveaway or sweepstake?

Get new followers

Through an Instagram giveaway, you can get new users to become followers or encourage them to comment on your posts or use your hashtag to win a prize. You can choose the winner randomly.

Generate engagement

With a giveaway on Instagram you can generate more engagement. For example, you can ask your users about their tastes or interests. Encourage them to comment on your posts and... let the social conversation begin!

Foster your followers’ loyalty

One of the goals of Instagram giveaways is to foster the loyalty of your followers. You can do this publishing posts that rely on Social Media Marketing reward actions. You will motivate your followers to interact.

Step by Step:

  • Publish a post with the giveaway on Instagram

  • Choose the way your users will participate: comments, mentions or hashtag

  • Select winners manually or randomly

General features:

  • Draw from one or more (organic or paid) different publications

  • List of participants updated on demand

  • Store data and download reports

  • Select and publish winners and runners-up

  • Winners page and validity certificate

Types of sweepstakes you can carry out on Instagram

Comments or mentions giveaway or sweepstake

This option requires the user to leave a comment on your Instagram post to participate in the giveaway. You can also ask them to mention someone.

Hashtag giveaway or sweepstake

In order to participate, ask users to use a certain hashtag you've chosen. Viralise your brand in a simple way!

Instagram Ads giveaway or sweepstake

Promote your campaign and gincrease your reach in your comment and/or hashtag giveaway with Instagram Ads. Observe and identify your target audience and focus the Instagram competition on them.