Multiplatform sweepstake

Creating a multiplatform sweepstake is a very useful option if you need to launch a unified action through different channels, as you can choose the winner or winners among all the participants. You can combine all the dynamics created with Cool Tabs: direct sweepstakes on different social networks, campaigns to attract qualified leads or draws from an Excel list. The posts you use can be organic or paid.

What do you get with a multiplatform sweepstake?

Attract more users

With a multiplatform sweepstake launched through different channels, you can attract more users and participants. Combine different dynamics and spread your action through different channels (social media, blog, web, newsletter…). Your campaign will go viral!

Detect the best channels for your marketing strategy

Launching the same type of campaign through different channels, you’ll be able to detect which actions and prizes get more participation, revenue and engagement and implement the results in your online marketing strategy.

Unify prizes

If you wish to draw the same products or services on different social networks, ¡this mechanic is perfect for you! A multiplatform sweepstake will help you to unify prizes and rewards in a very simple, yet attractive way for your users.

Step by Step:

  • Decide all the dynamics you want to choose your winners from: lead generation campaigns or direct sweepstakes

  • Choose the participation requirements and filter the possible winners

  • Select winners manually or randomly

General features:

  • Multiplatform sweepstake, choosing the winners from the participants of different direct draws, Excel contests or leads generation campaigns

  • List of participants updated on demand

  • Store data and download reports

  • Select and publish winners and runners-up

  • Winners page and validity certificate

Types multiplatform sweepstakes you can carry out

Multiplatform sweepstake among the users who participate in different lead generation campaigns

This option will help you to choose the winners among the users who have participate in different gamification campaigns which include a data form. You only need to choose the dynamics and our platform will select the winners for you.

Multiplatform sweepstake among the users who participate in different direct sweepstakes

Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. You can use organic or paid postyou’ve published on any of these three social networks. You can also select the participants from one or more Excel lists

Multiplatform sweepstake among the users who have participate in different campaigns and/or direct sweepstakes

Unify the users who have participate in any of the dynamics you can create with Cool Tabs: different direct sweepstakes on various social networks, Excel contests or gamification campaigns to attract leads, and create one sweepstake. It’s not necessary to carry out different draws or export the participants from an Excel list.