cross-platform sweepstakes

Our cross-platform sweepstakes are great for running a contest on various channels at the same time and choosing a winner (or winners) from a list of participants. This option is available on any Cool Tabs dynamic: direct sweepstakes on social media, lead-generation campaigns or Excel-list sweepstakes. You can use organic or sponsored posts.

What do you get out of a cross-platform sweepstakes?

Boost participation rates

Since cross-platform sweepstakes can be run on numerous social media sites or campaigns at the same time, your participation rates will soar. When you combine different dynamics and post them on a wide variety of channels (social media, blog, website, newsletter...), your sweepstakes will go viral.

Detect the best channels

By running the same sweepstakes on different platforms, you'll be able to see what types of contests and prizes get the highest rates of participation and engagement and on which social media site or channel. Then you can apply what you've learned to your digital marketing strategy.

Combine prizes

If you want to give away the same products and services on different social media sites or through different gamification campaigns or sweepstakes, this one is for you! With a cross-platform sweepstakes, combining your prizes is simple for you and fun for your user.

Step by Step:

  • Select all the dynamics you've run with Cool Tabs that you want to include to choose a winner: lead-generation campaigns or direct sweepstakes

  • Choose the participation requirements and filter the possible winners

  • Select winners yourself or at random

General features

  • Cross-platform sweepstakes chooses a winner from the participants of various direct sweepstakes, Excel list or gamification campaigns

  • List of participants, updated on demand

  • Store data and download reports

  • Select and publish winners and alternates

  • Winners page and certificate of validity

Types of cross-platform sweepstakes you can run

Cross-platform sweepstakes from a list of users that participated in your lead-generation campaign

With this option, you can choose winners from a list of participants of various gamification campaigns with data forms. All you have to do is select the dynamics and our tool will choose the winners for you.

Cross-platform sweepstakes from a list of direct sweepstakes participants

Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. You can run a cross-platform sweepstakes from any post (organic or sponsored) that you posted on any of these three social media sites. You can also include participants from one or various Excel lists.

Cross-platform sweepstakes from a list of direct sweepstakes and campaign participants

Combine the participants from any dynamic you've run on our platform: various direct sweepstakes on different social media sites, sweepstakes from a list, or even gamification campaigns used to generate leads. There's no need to run numerous sweepstakes or export the participants from Excel.