Opinion survey

Discover user preferences and opinions or opt for the Net Promoter Score tool to measure user loyalty. Launch an opinion survey to get information about your brand. Get feedback from your audience, segment it and increase your database with qualified leads.

What do you get out of our poll contest or opinion survey?

Audience feedback

Use a dynamic opinion survey to find out what users think about your brand or a specific topic or present a new update or product. Run a sweepstakes with a prize for higher rates of participation and engagement.

Dynamize your community

Design a custom questionnaire. You can configure the questions and answers on any survey. Drop-down, photo, video, multiple-answer questions... You decide! Get to know your customers while they have fun.

Get and segment leads

Access real-time data. Use and segment the information collected by creating profiles for each participant based on different aspects such as their tastes, opinions or consumption habits.

Step by Step:

  • Configure a landing page and choose the way users will participate.

  • Encourage your users to follow your social network profiles and request social permissions for the app

  • Create a survey to discover user consumption habits, opinions or tastes

  • Create legal requirements and a participation form to collect data

  • Analyze and optimize campaign conversion rates

General features:

  • Customize campaigns with your own look & feel. Template gallery

  • Multi-language

  • Responsive design compatible with any device

  • Tools and templates adapted to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

  • Configure the type of opinion survey and response (open-ended, drop-down...)

Cool Tabs is quick and easy to use

Segment your audience

Integrate the data collected with Cool Tabs with your CRM, DMP or email marketing platform. You can also segment data based on the results of your custom campaigns.

Fully integrate your campaign

Integrate your survey with our content widget on your website, blog, app or Facebook page. Share your campaign on any social media account with a custom URL. Generate qualified leads on any channel.

Optimize your action

Use our advanced statistics and conversion panel to analyze data in real time. Create user profiles based on feedback. Detect strengths and weaknesses and use them to make adjustments — it's easy.