Referrals competition

If you want your campaign to go viral, this is the perfect dynamic. Let the participants share and spread the campaign to get more participation. The more referrals your users get to participate, the more likely they are to win the prize. Grow your community and generate qualified leads!

What do you get with a referral competition?

Increase your community

To participate in this campaign, users must register and share the campaign through their Facebook wall or by sharing a link. They will help you spread your campaign and brand, getting you more followers.

Get qualified leads

With this campaign you will easily increase your CRM database. To validate the participation, both your followers and their referrals, must register in the competition through the participation form. Information that you can make the most of in your subsequent campaigns.

Viralise your campaign

Encourage your community to participate in this campaign by inviting as many referrals as possible. Users will spread and publish your campain in their social media, achieving organic viralisation and increasing engagement.

Step by Step:

  • Create the participation form and the legal terms and conditions

  • Set up invitations and encourage your fans to share your campaign to increase the viralisation and leads generation

  • Set up the landing page and the way users will participate

  • Encourage your users to follow your social network profiles and request social permissions for the app

  • Analyse and optimise the campaign conversion

General features:

  • Invitations limit to avoid spammers

  • Total customisation of your campaigns with your look & feel. Template system

  • Multi-language

  • Responsive design compatible with any device

  • Our tools and templates adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Cool Tabs is simple and fast

Segment your audience

Attract leads and get your CRM database to keep growing with potential customers. Segment them and carry out lead nurturing campaigns.

Fully integrate your campaign

Our content widget allows you to plug in your campaign to your website, social media pages, blog..., maximising exposure and obtaining qualified leads.

Optimise your action

Our conversion funnel and advanced statistics tools provide you with real time data, allowing you to identify strengths and weaknesses and make adjustments easily.