Spin and Win wheel

This game will allow you to create a lucky wheel campaign to distribute prizes among participants in a dynamic and fun way. You will be able to limit the amount of prizes that will be given away, as well as the number of times that each user will be able to try their luck in the timespan you set.

What do you get with our Spin and Win Wheel?


Unleash the benefits of gamification with our spin and win lucky wheel. A spin and win campaign is a fun and simple way to provide a dynamic game to entertain your users, increase your engagement and even get more traffic to your website with our embedded publication mode.

Increase customer loyalty

Increase loyalty with your audience. Boost up recurrence in the lucky wheel participation by giving extra chances of getting prizes each day and multiply the viral traffic of your campaign by establishing member-get-member strategies specifically designed to engage users in sharing the campaign across social media. This way, users will be able to win new prizes if they get new participants to join the campaign.

Get qualified leads

Our spin and win lucky wheel is the perfect tool to collect new leads and user data. Easily integrate the collected data with your CRM or database, activating additional qualification and segmentation questions so that you get to know your audience better.

Step by Step:

  • Configure a landing page and choose the way users will participate.

  • Encourage your users to follow your social network profiles and request social permissions for the app

  • Configure your multiple choice quiz and custom result screens.

  • Create legal requirements and a participation form to collect data

  • Analyze and optimize campaign conversion rates

General features:

  • Customize campaigns with your own look & feel. Template gallery

  • Multi-language

  • Responsive design compatible with any device

  • Tools and templates adapted to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

  • Configure your game, content and custom results

Cool Tabs is quick and easy to use

Segment your audience

Integrate the data collected with Cool Tabs with your CRM, DMP or email marketing platform. You can also segment data based on the results of your custom campaigns.

Your campaign — wherever you want it

Integrate your game with our content widget on your website, blog, app or Facebook page. Share your campaign on any social media account with a custom URL. Generate qualified leads on any channel.

Optimize your activity

Use our advanced statistics and conversion panel to analyze data in real time. Create user profiles based on feedback. Detect strengths and weaknesses and use them to make adjustments — it's easy.