Twitter draws

Carry out a direct Twitter draw to increase your community. With Cool Tabs, you can do it among all your followers, from the accounts that retweet and/or among those that respond to your publication.

What do you get with a Twitter draw or raffle?

Become better known

If in real life a news travels a long way through word of mouth, on social networks this is multiplied exponentially! Take advantage of our platform to become better known by the maximum number of users.

Generate engagement

A Twitter draw can become one of your best allies when it comes to getting engagement. Encourage your followers to interact. Grow your community!

Grow and gain loyalty

Your customers may know another brands from your sector and go with them. Offer them fun and different content. Choose eye-catching prizes and get people hooked with competitions on Twitter.

Step by Step:

  • Associate your Twitter username with your account

  • Choose the draw type between followers or retweets

  • Select winners and runners-up, manually or randomly

  • Download the report with the details of your participants

General features:

  • Draw from one or more different publications, organic or paid

  • List of participants updated on demand

  • Store data and download reports

  • Select and publish winners and runners-up

  • Winners page and validity certificate

Types of Twitter draw you can carry out

Draw by retweets

In order to participate, ask the users to retweet the tweet that you have chosen to make the draw. They are just one click away from becoming participants!

Draw by hashtags

To be eligible to win the prize, users must use a specific hashtag related to your brand. You will increase your branding and viralise it.

Draw among followers

Do you want to get more followers? Make it a requirement that, to participate in your draw, users have to follow you. Motivate your community!