Twitter Sweepstakes

Run Twitter giveaways to increase your community and your engagement. With the Twitter Sweepstake app, you can select winners among users who retweet one or several of your tweets, and those who respond to a tweet. Publish the winners’ page, complete with a certificate of validity, to announce the competition result on Twitter.

Twitter Sweepstakes

Key features

  • Automatic collection of entries
  • Giveaways through retweets
  • Giveaways using hashtags and mentions*
  • 4 monthly sweepstakes per Cool Tabs account

*Draws involving user generated content with hashtags and mentions, are carried out using our Social Listening tool.

General Features

  • Filtered using rules of entry
  • Selection tool for winners, groups of winners and reserve winners. Choose a winner at random with our Twitter giveaway picker
  • Public page of winners and certificate of validity
  • Data storage and access to the list of participants
  • Downloadable Excel spreadsheet of participants and winners
  • Video of the winners with the Twitter giveaway result
  • App to generate and publish the legal terms and conditions

The Twitter sweepstake app is included in…


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Step by step

  • 1 Post the sweepstakes tweet
  • 2 Choose the Twitter Sweepstakes app
  • 3 Connect your Twitter username with your account
  • 4 Draft the information about the competition: dates, posts, etc.
  • 5 Filter using the rules of entry and select the winners
  • 6 Communicate the result of the competition by publishing the winners’ page
  • With a Twitter giveaway, you’ll reward those users who interact with your posts. Choose a retweet competition to make your content go viral, generate engagement and increase your community.'

  • The Twitter Sweepstakes app will import all the participants and allow you to apply filters, depending on the entry requirements, to randomly select the winners.