Twitter sweepstakes

Create a direct sweepstakes on Twitter to grow your community. Use Cool Tabs to run a sweepstakes with your followers, retweeters and/or users that reply to your post.

What do you get out of a Twitter sweepstakes?

Promote yourself

You know how word of mouth news spreads like wildfire in real life? Well, on social media, news spreads a million times faster! Make the most of our platform to promote yourself to as many users as possible with a Twitter sweepstakes.

Generate engagement

A Twitter sweepstakes is your best friend when it comes to increasing engagement. Encourage your followers to interact with you. Grow your community!

Increase loyalty

Your customers might get to know one of your competitors and go with them instead. Offer them fun and unique content. Choose surprising prizes and grab people's attention with Twitter contests.

Step by Step:

  • Connect your Twitter username with your account

  • Choose whether you want to run your sweepstakes among your followers or retweerts

  • Select the winners and alternates, manually or randomly

  • Download the report with participant data

General features

  • Choose among one or various publications (organic or sponsored)

  • List of participants, updated on demand

  • Store data and download reports

  • Select and publish winners and alternates

  • Winners page and certificate of validity

Types of sweepstakes you can run on Twitter

Retweet sweepstakes

Ask users to participate by retweeting the tweet of your choice. Users are just one click away from becoming participants!

Hashtag sweepstakes

In order to win your sweepstakes prize, users must use a specific hashtag related with your brand. Increase brand awareness while going viral!

Follower sweepstakes

Do you want more followers? To participate in your sweepstakes, ask users to follow you. Motivate your community!