Pick your favorite

Create a voting contest based on the ‘Pick your favorite’ concept, and get relevant information for your brand. Participants have to pick their favorite option from various suggestions. You can run interactive voting based on battles and relate them to your products, brand, or sector. Publish the voting, so all users can see the ranking with the most popular votes.

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Key features

  • Unlimited number of questions and answers
  • Different question and answer formats
  • Customized questions and answers with multimedia content (image, video, and GIF)
  • Control the entries (limit the number of entries, apply time restrictions, by IP address or age, etc.).
  • Public page featuring a summary of answers from participants
  • Winners’ selection tool and certificate of validity

General Features

  • Register with an email address or social network (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.)
  • Fully customizable design to adapt it to your look and feel
  • Template system
  • Multilingual functionality (over 20 languages supported)
  • Entry form with customizable fields
  • URL to the campaign’s microsite for its publication on any online channel
  • Content widget to integrate your campaign onto your website, app, blog, or pop-up
  • Responsive design, compatible for any device
  • GDPR tools
  • Options for viral marketing on social networks
  • Automated sending of emails/SMS
  • Tracking of Web footprints
  • Export data to your CRM or DMP
  • SSO integration
  • Other integrations: Zapier, Salesforce, Active Campaign, Zoho, Freshsales, Pipedrive, Xeerpa, etc.
  • Custom integrations
  • Advanced data analysis and dashboard reporting
  • Downloadable Excel spreadsheet of participants and winners

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Step by step

  • 1 Choose the app that corresponds to your Cool Tabs plan
  • 2 Define the ways to register and customize the design
  • 3 Activate the entry form with the data you want to ask for
  • 4 Configure the voting system and ranking of those with the most votes
  • 5 Customize the end screens
  • 6 Include the legal terms and conditions
  • 7 Publish your ‘Pick your favorite’ voting contest
  • 8 Analyze and optimize the conversion for your campaign
  • User opinions are essential when you’re launching new products and services or adapting your existing ones to their preferences. Get your audience involved with the help of a ‘Pick your favorite’ contest. It’s the perfect way to make them feel they are a part of your brand and that they affect the decisions you make. You can learn more about their preferences and likes.

  • Encourage your users to interact with your brand and reward participation with a prize draw among all participants or offer various giveaways depending on the option they have voted for.