We'll create your custom campaign in 3 days

Have a great idea? No matter how crazy it seems, Cool Tabs can make it happen! Leave it to us! Let our experienced team create and produce all your gamification campaigns. Unbeatable results for your custom campaign.

What do you get out of a custom campaign?

Grow your audience and generate leads

Creating an interactive content campaign is the best way to grow your social media audience. You can also grow your CRM by generating leads that are adapted to your buyer persona.

Identify your users with your brand

Boost engagement and connect your users with your brand! Loyalty is guaranteed with a custom campaign. You'll also get feedback from your existing and potential customers.

Stand out from the competition

Original ideas are the best way to stand out from your competitors. Your fans will soon discover your interactive campaigns full of fun and entertaining content. They'll be inspired to purchase your products and services — all while you go viral.

Step by Step:

  • Choose the type of campaign: paths, personality test, trivia, voting competition... There are more than 30 dynamics available!

  • Send us a campaign brief. And do not worry: if you do not know how to implement your idea, we'll help you

  • Cool Tabs creates and configures your campaign for you

  • We'll take care of posting and promoting your campaign on a wide variety of channels (social media, blogs, newsletters...) and managing your Ads

  • We'll send you statistics reports, traffic sources, social audiences and the leads we've generated

Create and launch your custom campaign with Cool Tabs

  • We'll help you conceptualize your interactive campaign

  • We'll take care of everything related with creativity and design. The result is a totally custom campaign!

  • We'll configure all the content (images, texts, legal bases, etc.) on our platform

  • We'll post and promote the campaign on a wide range of channels (Fanpage, website, microsite, etc.)

  • We'll manage payments (Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Adwords...)

  • We'll generate a report (PDF) with the statistics and leads (Excel) of your campaign.

Cool Tabs is quick and easy to use

Segment your audience

Integrate the data collected with Cool Tabs with your CRM, DMP or email marketing platform. You can also segment data based on the results of your custom campaigns.

Your campaign — wherever you want it

Integrate your campaign with our content widget on your website, blog, app or Facebook page. Share your campaign on any social media account with a custom URL. Generate qualified leads on any channel.

Optimize your activity

Use our advanced statistics and conversion panel to analyze data in real time. Create user profiles based on feedback. Detect strengths and weaknesses and use them to make adjustments — it's easy.