We create your custom campaign in 3 days

Do you have an original campaign idea you want to carry out? Our team can help you and create custom dynamics to generate your personalised interactive campaign. Unbeatable results!

What can you achieve with a custom campaign?

Increase your audience and generate leads

Creating a campaign with interactive content is the best way to increase your audience on social networks. In addition, you can attract leads tailored to your buyer persona to get the best out of your CRM.

Get your users to connect with your brand

Boost your engagement and generate a connection between your users and your brand! Loyalty is guaranteed with this type of campaigns. In addition, you will get feedback from your customers and potential customers.

Stand out from your competitors

Original ideas are the best way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Your fans will find the content of your interactive campaigns fun and entertaining, which will encourage them to acquire your products and services.

Step by Step:

  • Choose the type of campaign: paths questionary, personality test, trivia, voting competition... There are more than 30 dynamics available!

  • Send us a campaign brief. And do not worry: if you do not know how to implement your idea, we'll help you

  • Our team will create and configure your campaign for you

  • We take care of publishing and spreading your campaign via different channels (social networks, blog, newsletter...) and manage your Ads

  • We send you a statistics report, traffic sources, social audience and leads gained

Create and launch your custom campaign with Cool Tabs

  • We help you with the conceptualisation of your interactive campaign

  • We take care of design and creation of creatives and images. The result will be totally personalised!

  • We configure all the content (images, texts, legal terms, etc.) through our platform

  • We publish and spread the campaign via different channels (Fanpage, website, microsite, etc.)

  • We take care of media planning (Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Adwords...)

  • We generate a report (pdf) with the statistics and leads for your campaign (Excel)

Cool Tabs is simple and fast

Segment your audience

Attract leads and get your CRM database to keep growing with potential customers. Segment them and carry out lead nurturing campaigns.

Fully integrate your campaign

IOur content widget allows you to plug in your personalised campaign to your website, social media pages, blog..., maximising exposure and obtaining qualified leads.

Optimise your action

Our conversion funnel and advanced statistics tools>/strong> provide you with real time data, allowing you to identify strengths and weaknesses and make adjustments easily. Or let us do it for you!