Oscars Betting Pool

Template: Oscars Betting Pool

Use our Oscars Betting Pool template to challenge your users to make their predictions about the famous Hollywood awards. You can entertain your online community and generate engagement.

The template is already preconfigured from a simple quiz and ready to use. It includes:

📽️ Landing page explaining what the pool is about is and how to participate.

📽️ Quiz form with the main categories and the nominees.

📽️ Final screen displaying a thankyou message. It shows the public statistics, in graphical format, with the answers of the participants. 

📽️ Viralization options to show on social networks when the participant shares his/her participation. 

You can edit the template to adapt the dates to the duration of your campaign, modify the images, texts, quiz questions and answers... If you want to make a draw among the participants, you can enable a personal data form. This will also allow you to get leads. In addition, you can add your own legal bases.