Discount coupons campaign - Black Friday

Template: Black Friday Discount Coupons Campaign

Use our Black Friday Discount Coupons Template to attract new users and encourage purchase. You can distibute an extra discount to every user who complete the registration form. In adittion, this campaign will allow you to get leads and increase your potencial customers database.

The Black Friday Discount Coupons Template is set and ready to use. It includes:

🎫 Landing page explaining what the promotion is about.

🎫 Registration form  with the following fields: name, surname, email and city. You can edit it to add or delate fields. 

🎫 Final screen in which the discount code is shown (you can modify it to add your own code), as well as the downloadable pdf of it. 

🎫Customized viralization options to show when the participants share their participation. This action will contribute to viralize your promotion. 

You can modify the template to adapt the promotion dates and the coupon or discount code. You can also add your own legal bases.