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Create authentic experiences that work for your users. These brands are already doing it:

Our customers have spoken

"Cool Tabs has allowed us to reach record audiences with our corporate blog"

Daniel Montero
Communications Manager, Bankinter

With simple sweepstakes on social media and complex quizzes such as "Do you know how to make the most of your salary?" Bankinter was able to strengthen its inbound marketing strategy, grow its social audience and CRM, improve customer loyalty and connect with their customers. You can do it, too!

"Cool Tabs is very easy to use and offers impeccable customer service."

Ariadna Medrano Ramírez
SEO/ASO, BBVA Bancomer

Do you want to learn more about your customer's needs and preferences while increasing their loyalty to your brand? BBVA Bancomer did this by running various contests related with their sponsorship of the Mexican football league — especially with a perfectly-tailored trivia contest.

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"Cool Tabs stands out for their quality performance, tailored customer service and personable staff"

Tous Jewelry Team

With a global Valentine's Day campaign, Tous achieved very high participation rates and useful feedback from their fans. Their secret? They used original, quality content to create a unique experience for their users on social media.

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"Cool Tabs allows us to create complex contests and campaigns in a quick and easy way"

Guille Rodríguez
Social Media Manager, Grupo Palladium

Create successful campaigns, just like Palladium Group did with their "Traveling Pirates" campaign. Generate new audiences and leads in accordance with your buyer personas. Remember to choose a great prize and to promote your campaign on all the right channels. With Cool Tabs by your side, it's easy!

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"Cool Tabs is staffed with qualified digital marketing experts. They're clear, flexible and always meet objectives"

José María Ruiz
CEO, Gocco

From direct sweepstakes on social media to gamification quizzes and lead generation, Gocco (a clothing brand for kids) did it all with the help of Cool Tabs. You can use our platform to manage and run your entire digital marketing strategy.

"Cool Tabs stands out for its professional and outstanding customer service — they are quick to answer our questions as they come up"

Cristina Carricajo
Social Media Strategist, Grey, Domino's Pizza agency

Discount code campaigns are the best way to get new customers, increase the loyalty of your existing customers, and promote new products and services. That's what Domino’s Pizza did! They combined a discount code campaign with a simple sweepstakes on the world's most trendy social media site: Instagram.

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"Cool Tabs is easy to use. These types of campaigns may even be more useful than other forms of digital advertising"

Julio Marcos
Coordinator, Digital Marketing PFDC

Pierre Fabré's strategy is to choose non-intrusive campaigns and adapt the content to their existing and potential customer's needs. For A-Derma SOS, they used their own followers as ambassadors to strengthen their brand recognition through simple campaigns.

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"Cool Tabs stands out because it's easy to use and is very efficient"

Community Manager, DCODE Festival (Live Nation)

Year after year, this company is able to identify and get to know their enthusiastic audience with a video contest where amateur bands compete to play at the famous DCODE festival. Choose user-generated content!

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Build brand gamification experiences that actually work. Achieve your KPIs with ease. These agencies have already done it:

Agencies that work with us

"Cool Tabs allows us to shape one of the most fundamental categories of our content strategy: entertainment"

Social Media Team, Mr. Burns, Zadibe agency

Zadibe, distributor of wines and liquors (Licor 43, Alhambra...), needs original actions on social networks that enhance the proximity to its target audience. It is achieved through simple draws on the Facebook Wall, as well as dynamics based on simple participation forms.

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"Cool Tabs stands out for its quality service, flexibility and ability to adapt to the unique needs of every campaign"

Social Network Team, OnTwice, Cepsa's agency

With their Christmas campaign "Por un roscón así, verás cómo vuelves" (For Christmas cake like this, you'll definitely come back), Cepsa shattered participation records with an Instant Win contest for a free tank of gas. Their contest mirrored a popular Spanish Christmas tradition, where plastic or ceramic figurines are hidden inside the roscón cake, and whoever finds the figurine wins. To win a free tank of gas, participants had to choose the piece of cake with the prize inside.

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"Cool Tabs makes campaign programming easy and offers valuable statistics to calculate its success."

Clara Ferret
Account Executive, Netsense, Juanola's agency

Trivia is one of the most interesting and fun ways to dynamize your community. Juanola celebrated its 110th anniversary with a question and answer contest about its brand. Their social media followers participated, which in turn increased their visibility and reads.

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"What stands out the most about Cool Tabs is that it's easy to use and navigate. It also allows us to collect useful and visual data."

Jorge Abad
Social Media, Arnold Madrid, Alsa's agency

Alsa ran a wide variety of social media campaigns: From question contests to user-generated content and Instant Wins, they made the most of holidays like Valentine's Day to increase customer loyalty and generate leads.

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"Cool Tabs always responds to my inquiries. They're flexible and reliable."

Carlos Chenel
Technical Director of Mass Consumption, Havas Media, El Corte Inglés campaigns agency

El Corte Inglés mainly uses campaigns based on distributing and verifying coupons to increase customer loyalty and generate new leads. Cool Tabs' technology adaptation and web service integration are essential for El Corte Inglés to be able to adapt content to their audiences.

"We like working with Cool Tabs because their application is easy to use. They offer great customization options and their customer service is quick"

Marta Larrauri
Accounts Director, 101, Reale agency

Reale Seguros used simple campaigns based on soccer games to reward their followers on social media, increase sponsorship visibility and get new customers. Their secret weapon? Amazing prizes and a low barrier to entry.

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Create unique, interactive experiences and increase their time on site. These communication media are already doing it:

Communication Media

"The information we get from Cool Tabs strengthens our data and allows us to get to know our user profiles better"

Carmen Zavala
Digital Marketing Manager & Content Distribution in ¡HOLA!

With personality tests and voting contests, was able to stand out from its competition by creating content that was perfectly adapted to their audience. They collected quality data about their users and got new readers.