Design your custom campaign

Want to create a custom campaign that's in line with your brand image? Don't worry, it won't take hours to prepare. With our template gallery, creating a custom campaign is simple and easy.

Advantages to designing your own custom campaign

No programming needed

Create a functional campaign in just a few minutes without the help of programmers or techies. We have a wide variety of templates to ensure you get the look & feel you want.

We are your technological partner

Customize your campaigns with completely customizable CSS, HTML and Javascript. Make the most of our direct integrations with image banks. Questions? We're here to help!

Fully custom campaigns

Get quick and custom solutions for any member of your team. Our template gallery includes a wide range of styles, themes and colors that you can adapt to your needs.

Step by Step

  • Choose your favorite template

  • Select photos from our integrated image banks

  • Customize your campaign with HTML, CSS...

  • Change colours, fonts...

  • Get your preferred look & feel!

General features:

  • Customize campaigns with your own look & feel. Template gallery

  • Multi-language

  • Responsive design compatible with any device

  • Tools and templates adapted to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

  • Total integration with image banks

Examples of custom campaigns

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Create a custom Instant Win

Cepsa created a custom contest that mirrored a popular Spanish Christmas tradition where plastic or ceramic figurines are hidden inside a roscón cake, and whoever finds the figurine wins. In their contest, users had to choose a piece of cake to see if it had an Instant Win prize inside. This is only one of the many customizable campaigns you can create with our themes and variables: from personality tests to logic jumps stories, all our options can be adapted to the look, feel and corporate image you need.

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Challenge your users

For example, take this dynamic with Canal XTRM: Their challenge consisted of hitting the punching bag as many times as possible. You can create similar dynamics to gamify and entertain your users with our customizable options. Seize the chance to create unique and original activities that will make you stand out from your competition and get you more followers.

Create your custom campaign