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Legal information and terms of the service provider

General Conditions of the service provider (hereinafter the provider), owned by The Cool Tabs SL, established in Paseo Santa María de la Cabeza 66A, 28045 Madrid, with Tax Identification Code number ESB86306719, registered in Madrid. These conditions are intended to regulate access, registration, navigation and / or use of services, which should be read carefully.

The promotion administrator (the administrator of the facebook page where the contest is made or the brand or company detailed in the campaign terms, hereinafter the administrator) will be solely responsible for the selection of the winner or winners of the contest. The provider is not involved in this process or provide any tools or support it.

The adminstrator is the solely responsible of any personal data store in the campaign and is the unique data controller and the unique who can stablish the purpose of use those data. The provider of the promotion, acting as the data processor, will access the data in order to provide the service, but does not use any data that you provide when you use the promotion app, both data provided directly to us and data assigned by Facebook (or any other social network) when installing the application. These data will be transferred to the administrator of the promotion, which is responsible for the management and treatment of these data. All personal data that users provide, will be kept and stored by the provider during the validity period of the contest or contract.

Final users should contact directly to the controller whenever they need to exercise their rights of access, modify, export, portability and remove their data.

Throughout, the data collected by our applications are specified when installing the application in facebook dialog box. These data can be (depending on the application or the action carried out):

Promotion adminstrator is responsible of any other personal data or not, provided using any of our applications. Promotion administrator should indicate the use to be undertaken of all data collected under the customize terms & conditions of each promotion, which should always be accepted along with these terms of service.

The service provider is not responsible for any prizes or terms offered to the winners of the promotions made in our platform.

The service provider has a number of tools for the manual or random selection of winners and alternates. The administrator of the promotions can make use of them to select the winner/s and/or alternates of the promotion. The service provider is not responsible in any case of this process.

The service provider reserves the right to suspend, remove or cancel any promotion prior electronic communication to the promotion administrator.

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