Corporate Social Walls

Create a corporate wall for your business, shop or company to promote and spread your brand among all your customers and employees. Encourage everyone to start and increase the reach and impact of your brand.

All the advantages of having a corporate wall

Extend the reach of your brand

The conversations on social networks about your brand and its reach will be increased with the exposure that you will give to the users that appear on your wall.

Generate real opinions

The best opinions about your business or company will be those that come from customers or real users. Your wall is the perfect tool to facilitate and show this process.

The best cover letter

Use the total personalisation available though our walls to give yours a fully corporative appearance in line with your brand image and use it in your offices or premises to generate visibility and impact.

You can use the walls in:

  • Hotels

  • Clothes shops

  • Restaurants and food chains

  • Stores

  • Your offices

Get your Social Wall in 5 steps:

  • Define the social networks to monitor (Twitter and/or Instagram)

  • Select one or more hashtags for your event

  • Send us your own design, logos or images

  • Access your moderation panel for content

  • Generate reports on the impact of the event

Nuestros Social Walls en acción

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Increase the engagement of your brand with your customers and employees

Get your customers or employees to feel more identified with your brand or business with a Social Wall projected in your store, restaurant or office. Customers that visit your shop will be able to see tweets, photos and videos that other customers have uploaded on screens: being well attended by waiters or shop assistants, how the product is once it assembled, how the purchased garment sits, etc. You will positively influence their buying process and invite them to give their opinions! You can also get it at events, as happened at eMarketers.

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Generate statistics and live rankings

Our Social Walls have the option to generate statistics and rankings at the same time. Both your customers and you can see which are the products or services that are most commented on, the most active users (and therefore influencers), what the reception of a new line or collection has been like... Another event in which our Social Wall was used was #FeiraInnovacion.

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