Corporate Social Walls

Create a corporate wall for your website, business, shop or company to boost and promote your brand to your customers and employees. Encourage everyone to participate and increase your brand's reach and impact.

Advantages of having a corporate wall

Strengthen your brand's reach

When you promote user posts on your wall, conversations about your brand on social media — and their scope — will increase.

Generate real opinions

The best opinions about your business or company come from real customers and users. A wall is the perfect way to facilitate and display this process.

The best letter of introduction

Use our wall customization options to give yours a corporate feel that's aligned with your brand image. Use it in your offices or shops to boost visibility and increase impact.

You can use the walls in:

  • Your website or blog. Install our widget in one minute.

  • Clothes shops

  • Hotels, restaurants and food chains

  • Stores

  • Your offices

Get your Social Wall in 5 steps:

  • Define the social media sites you want to monitor (Twitter and/or Instagram)

  • Select one or various #hashtags for your event

  • Send us your own design, logos or images

  • Get content on your moderation panel

  • Generate event impact reports

Our Social Walls in action

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Increase customer engagement with your brand

Help your customers identify with your brand or business with a Social Wall integrated in your website. Share your users generated content on your website with tweets, photos and videos posted by other customers. you'll improve your purchase process and incentivize users to share their opinions.

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Generate live statistics and rankings

Generate live statistics and rankings with our Social Walls. You and your customers can see what products or services everyone's talking about, which users are the most active (and thus detect influencers), how your new line or collection is doing... The #FeriaInnovacion event also used our Social Walls.

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