Social Walls for events

It's the best way to increase event visibility and get attendees to participate.

What can you get with a Social Wall at your event?

Content moderation

Monitor the content that will be displayed your event screens with our advanced moderating dashboard.

Full customization

Fully integrate your wall design with your event. Our tool adapts to any screen and design you need.

Reach and impact reports

You can enable real-time statistics for your wall and event. Get a full report containing your event's most relevant KPIs.

Get your Social Wall in 5 steps:

  • Define the social media sites you want to monitor (Twitter and/or Instagram).

  • Select one or various #hashtags for your event

  • Send us your own design, logos or images

  • Get content on your moderation panel

  • Generate event impact reports

Our Social Walls in action

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Encourage your audience to participate

One of the main benefits of Social Walls is that it increases engagement, especially for events. When you show posts to attendees in real time, they become active participants. Incentivize them to generate even more content. Many attendees or customers look forward to seeing their photo or tweet on the screen. That's what they did at an eMarketers event, one of the most important digital marketing conferences in Latin America. Using a wall boosted the amount of data and feedback users tweeted about the event!

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Generate live statistics and rankings

With our Social Walls you can generate statistics and rankings while the event is taking place. Event attendees and organizers alike can see the event's top posts and most active users. They'll even be able to see if they've started a trending topic... This visual solution really works to increase engagement. The #FeriaInnovacion event also used our Social Walls.

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