Grow your digital audience by creating engaging stories and branded content

Create surveys, quizzes, personlaty tests and much more really easy.

5-step campaign


Choose your campaign: survey, quiz, personality test, etc.


Get your contents ready with our step-by-step guide


Configure your campaign on Cool Tabs.


Publish your campaign anywhere (Facebook, web, blog, micro-site, mobile, app)


Optimize and get insights

Why you need to generate branded content with us?

  • Perfect strategy to grow your engagement and generate branded content with your audience
  • Viral and fun. Reach your audiencie with gamification tactics.
  • Generate qualified leads with the segmentation level you need.
  • Getting to know your users: their likes, interests, opinions, etc.
  • Challenge your audience with gamification and increase their fidelity with prizes.
  • Improve your numbers: when using branded content on your web or blog, increase the page views and the time on site.


Make your article more interactive and challenge your audience with easy-to-use contents. Your data collection strategy will explote!

Brands & Agencies

Qualify your leads, increase your audience and integrate our tools into your branded content strategy.

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Without time or resource to create your own campaigns with our platform? From Cool Tabs Agency we can creat, design and configure your campaign in only 3 working days. Ask us!

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