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Instant Win

Select a random instant winner during each stage of your competition or Facebook contest. Winners are picked automatically with Instant Win and the participants in your contests or sweepstakes so they will know immediately whether or not they have won and will not have to wait for a specific date and time for the results to be announced when the sweepstakes finish.

I want to install it

To create this competition you can use our Cool Promo or Cool Promo White Label apps


What do you get out of this kind of contest?

Instant Win is an available option for any social media campaign or Facebook contest and you can combine it with all other options for contests and sweepstakes. This function simply allows that winners of sweeptakes are picked automatically, so the participants in your competition or Facebook contest will know immediately whether or not they have won because it will be displayed a message after participating indicating if they have won or not. In this way, there will be random winners once a day, a week or a month, depending on how long it takes each phase of your sweepstakes.

Increased engagement to the campaign

The main benefit of Instant Win is that participants know whether they have won or not at the exact moment they participate in the contests or sweepstakes. In case they did not win, they usually try again, even creating a habit to try to be one of the multiple winners of the sweepstakes. Instant Win is able to generate a commitment of the participants to the campaign or Facebook contest.

Instant results

In the battle for the attention of users in what it's called 'their micro-moments', immediateness is crucial. The final decision for users to participate in a Facebook contest or social media campaign can be based solely on whether they will know instantly if they have won or not.

Compatible with any action

Any social media campaign supports Instant Win, because it's just an added functionality that rewards one or different participants in each stage of the contests or sweepstakes. Build loyalty between the sweepstakes and the users using Instant Win.

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How it works?


Contest front page and start


Suggest your networks. Use your Facebook page, Twitter profile, Instagram account and Pinterest


Permission request for the app


Participant form


Are you a winner?

Specific features of this type of contest

You can post it on several social networks, on your website, and on your microsite. Users can participate from their mobile phones and tablets.

Dynamic questions and answers
Participant form and customised design
Recommendation of your social profiles (FB, TW, IG)
Selecting and publishing the names of the winners
Tools to share contest and contest contributions
Setting up dates for applying, participating and voting
Call to action to subscribe to the newsletter
Anti-fraud system
Data storage and downloading reports about user contributions
Email to thank users for participating

General features of our apps

Several apps for you to choose from according to the type of campaign you want to run. Publishing on various social networks, on your website, and your microsite. Managing and storing all data in a single platform.

Multichannel. Publish them wherever you want
Access from any device
Real-time data
Available in multiple languages
Tools to boost your virality
Detailed statistics
Facebook Open Graph
Twitter Cards
White Label
Gathering all data

When can I start?

15-day free trial for new customers.
Credit card is not required
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