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Solutions/Interactive content campaigns

Grow your digital audience and get qualified leads with simple interactive content through your app, your website or social networks.

Interactive content campaigns

Solutions/Social Listening & Brand Monitoring

Analyse the social conversation your customers and users are having about your brand on social networks, forums and media.

Social Listening & Brand Monitoring

If you need to move fast

Cool Tabs is plug & play. Create a campaign that can be uploaded inmediately without the need for technical support.

Total control of data

Store, visualise and manage your campaigns' and brand's data from our centralised system. All data collected and stored adheres to current protection laws and is available 24/7 to you, the user.

Analyse your results

View, analyse and manage all your campaigns information inmediately, including traffic statistics and participation data.

Brands, agencies and media that work with us

Cool Tabs is simple and fast

Customise your campaign

Use one of our pre-formatted templates to create a quick and totally succesful campaign. Or, create a totally personalised campaign with the help of our team.

Fully integrate your campaign

Our content widget allows you to plug in you campaign to your website, social media pages, blog..., maximising exposure and generating qualified leads.

Campaigns optimisation

Our conversion funnel and advanced statistics tools provide you with real time data, allowing you to identify strengths and weaknesses and make adjustments easily.

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