Brand monitoring

Understand the conversation about your brand on different channels with our brand monitoring tool. Discover new opportunities and reinforce your brand strategy. Understand how your brand is perceived among users.

Full brand monitoring

Analyse all channels

Whether you want to analyse social networks or any online channel (forums, news, blogs, websites, etc.) you can get all the information with our tool in a single panel.

Customise alerts

Our advanced alert management system will allow your team to be aware of any important event or trend that occurs related to your brand. Act quickly and efficiently in terms of crisis management and incidents.

Find your customers' opinions

Locate unsatisfied customers with your services or products, automatically extract relevant information like their location or service they have contracted and manage alerts with your customer support team.

Use our platform for:

  • Brand monitoring

  • Competition and competitor analysis

  • Incident and customer experience monitoring

  • Sector and market research

  • Trend identification

In 5 simple steps:

  • Analysis of keywords and definition of content sources

  • Pre-filtered to remove non-relevant content

  • Automatic categorisation of content

  • Generation of specific dashboards

  • Configuring smart alerts and actionable insights

Use cases

Cool Tabs tool

Establish a strategy to analyse, qualify and identify real-time issues that users are reporting about your brand in media, forums, websites and social networks.

By tracking and analysing the problems/issues your products or services are having you are able to analyse,, in real time the conversations users are having about your brands and address any problems.
Prioritize and classify your issues using our filters which allow you to easily highlight the type and severity of the incident coupled with the location of the origin. Use our real time notification and alerts sytems to idntify problems of the origin.

Improve the current customer retention and increase the conversion of your leads.

Cool Tabs tool
Trend detection

Analyse the conversation from different information sources on one or several topics, forecast the development of new topics and be ahead of the competition in making strategic decisions that may affect your business.

Apply the knowledge acquired thanks to the study of conversations in the positioning of your brand and sector.

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