Social Listening

Listen, analyze and understand the conversations taking place about a specific topic. Use our platform to analyze your audience, get more reports and obtain actionable statistics.

Analyze the conversations about your brand or product

Automated semantic analysis

With our Social Listening technology, which is based on semantic dictionaries and keywords, you can analyze and automatically categorize all monitored conversations about your brand or product.

Don't miss a thing

With our tools, you can analyze conversations about your brand or product on social media (Twitter and Instagram), the media, forums, blogs and websites.

Actionable insights

With our smart alert system, you'll get real-time notifications about any event, trend or conversation you'd like. Activate our alerts based on volume, frequency, author, location, etc. and give your team access to some of the best tools around.

Use our platform to:

  • Brand monitoring

  • Analyze the competition and your competitors

  • Monitor issues and customer experiences

  • Research by sector and market

  • Detect trends

In 5 simple steps:

  • Analyze keywords and define content sources

  • Set up filters to remove content that isn't relevant to you

  • Categorize content automatically

  • Create specific dashboards

  • Configure actionable smart alerts and insights

Use cases

Cool Tabs tool

Create a strategy to analyze, measure and identify the issues users are reporting about your brand in real time, on any channel.

Identify problems and issues with your products or services. Analyze conversations about your brand. Organize issues automatically by product or service type, tag their level of importance, and use our automatic location system to get information about the origin of the problem. Activate real-time smart notification and alert systems.

Improve customer retention and lead conversions.

Cool Tabs tool
Detect trends

Analyze conversations taking place on different information sources about one or a number of topics. Get ahead of your competition. Predict how trending topics will evolve and make strategic decisions that directly affect your business.

Use the knowledge you've acquired from studying conversations to better position your brand and sector.

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