Choose the perfect interactive marketing campaign

In Cool Tabs, more than 50 dynamics are available for your sweepstakes, contests, and online promotions. Manage your branded content campaign in a matter of minutes and post it on any channel you'd like (web, app, microsite, or social networks), with no programming skills required.
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Campaign Templates

Run your campaign in a few minutes! Select, edit, and customize the template most suited to your needs. You can create your own templates from campaigns you already have.

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Increase your social audience and boost engagement with simple dynamics in which participants have to interact with your publications (like, comment, mention friends, etc.). Don't worry about choosing winners, our tool will do it for you!


Bet on game-based mechanics for your online marketing campaigns. Our interactive games will allow you to increase engagement, interact with your online audience in digital channels, as well as increase your database.

Instant Wins

The instant win mechanics allow you to distribute prizes or other benefits instantly. Participants know if they have won a prize after completing the registration form. Attract users and capture potential customers. Participation and conversion are guaranteed!


From a personality test to entertain your users to a quiz to test their knowledge on any topic, or a survey to get information about their needs, preferences, or customer experience. Make the most of our catalog of questionnaires. Find the one that best suits your needs and customize it.


Organize a contest to strengthen the brand-customer relationship and encourage User Generated Content. Display entries in a public gallery and enable voting. Select a winner among all the participants, choosing the ones most voted for, or designating an overall winner based on the most popular vote.