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The app allows you to include an opinion survey or quiz on your web. Create entertaining content, drive social traffic and increase your audience in a simple way. Also available in white label version.

You can use this app in standard mode and 'white label' version, removing any reference to Cool Tabs.

Create, embed and share your own quizzes

Quiz 1

Create a quiz or survey in 5 minutes

Add all the questions and answers you want and run a personality test, an opinion survey, a quiz with points for right answers, a random quiz, etc. You can include images, songs or videos in your Facebook quizzes. You choose how the users log in to the survey. They will be able to register with their social networks accounts or anonymously.

Quiz 2

Embed your survey easily on your site

Once you have the quiz or survey ready, just add the widget provided by Cool Tabs wherever you want in your website, with the design you have chosen which can be completely customised. Remember that Cool Quiz is also available in white label version.

Quiz 3

Grow your audience instantly

Drive social audience to your web and increase the reach with a funny, shareable content, that your users make viral and get rewards from. Lead generation will be a simple and easy task with Cool Quiz

Quiz 4

Monitor and export your data

Monitor your quizzes and Facebook quizzes, download a report of all your results and export personal data obtained through the quiz or survey directly to your CRM or to a MailChimp list.

I want a Cool Quiz on my site

Make it your own

Choose whether the access to the quiz or survey will be with a social network, anonymously or just providing personal data.

  • Quiz or trivia

    The originality of the questions is up to you just like the type of answers. You can set a time limit to complete the quiz, display which is the right option immediately after the participants select an answer, create different messages for those who guess all the right answers and for those whot do not...
    The options are endless!

    Ipad quiz
  • Opinion survey

    Would you like to know the opinion of your customers and followers? Why don't you ask for their opinion in a survey? You can ask them to rate your brand or product, what they like best and least, etc.
    With the opinion survey you will be able to request full personal data, just data for segmenting your answers (gender, location, age,...); or the survey can be completely anonymous.

    Ipad opinion
  • Personality test

    It is a 'Must' in the contents that seek to achieve entertainment and fun of the audience. 'What kind of... are you?', 'Which character / movie / music band / etc. would you be?',... A sentece beginning this way will surely open the doorsfor a world of infinite personality tests.
    Their main advantage is that it is very engaging and will easily go viral. Do you have any original idea for your test?

    Ipad test
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