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Facebook sweepstakes allow you to manage and filter the number of 'Likes' and comments generated in a Facebook contest or giveaway published on the wall, and can also be used to select the winner.

You can use this app for Facebook sweeptakes published on your wall. More info

What do you get from this Facebook contest?

Have you searched for 'sweepstakes' 'giveaway', 'Facebook contest' or 'Facebook sweepstakes' and you have reached this page? Well, you've found the right place. Here you have all the information to create Facebook sweepstakes or a giveaway with Cool Tabs. Note that WallPromo is a free Facebook application to help you manage and filter the number of ‘Likes’ and comments received on your Facebook contest or giveaway, as well as select the winner. In addition, the use of this Facebook application is free for your Facebook contest or giveaway until 100 entries.

A list of participants

Every ‘Like’ and/or comment on the campaign post will be considered a participant contribution of the giveaway in the Cool Tabs's panel. Every entry will feature a user name and his/her Facebook url.

Scoring system based on Likes

Comments on participants' posts including ‘Likes’ will also appear in the report and they can be considered votes to be used in selecting the winner of the giveway.

Selecting winners

A winner of the giveaway can be selected following one of these procedures: writing the names of winners, running a random draw, or filtering the number of 'Likes' received for every comment of the Facebook contest.

Available for...

Mobile phone

How it works?


Publish the Facebook sweepstakes in your Facebook wall


Participation through 'Likes' and comments


Pick the giveaway winner

Pricing - Wall Promo

Prices shown in euros or USD.
Prices without VAT (applicable by country).
  • Free version


    • Limit of entries: 100
    • 1 sweepstakes per month
    • No reports
  • Monthly Paid version


    • No entries limit
    • Unlimited sweepstakes per month
    • A full report with data from your participants

Specific features of this type of app

You can post it on several social networks, on your website, and on your microsite. Users can participate from their mobile phones and tablets.

Scoring system based on Likes
Updated list of contributions available upon request
Data storage and downloading reports about user contributions
Selecting and publishing the names of the winners
More info
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