Instagram Sweepstakes

The application is used to create sweepstakes among those users who have commented a certain photo(s) or video(s) of your profile. Instagram Sweepstakes will allow you to select a random winner and download a report containing the data of your participants.

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Specific details of Instagram Sweepstakes

  • You can make sweepstakes only in public profiles.
  • The report you can download with Instagram Sweepstakes will include only the username.
  • If you are making a random draw among comments, you need to create the draw with Instagram Sweepstakes immediately after publishing the photo or video on Instagram so that the app is able to collect all interactions correctly.
  • You are able to create Instagram Sweepstakes <between users who comment a post. You can ask them to mention X friends, to include a particular hashtag or word. Also from this plan, you’ll be able to run Instagram Sweepstakes among photo(s) or video(s) that belong to different profiles.
  • You may create Instagram Sweepstakes into a sponsored ad. In this case, the only option available is to run the sweepstake among the users who comment the ad. This kind of action is only available from the Gold One Plan.

What do you get from this application?

Have you searched for 'sweepstakes' or 'Instagram sweepstakes' and you have reached this page? Well, you've found the right place. Here you have all the information to create Instagram sweepstakes with Cool Tabs. Note that Instagram Sweepstakes is an application to help you manage and filter your followers or users that comment one or more photos/videos, as well as select the winner. In addition, the use of this application is free until 100 entries.

Increase interaction and boost up recruitment

When you launch sweepstakes among users who has commented, you encourage new users to follow you or to like / comment your Instagram photos or videos to try to win the prize you're going to raffle. Winner selection with Instagram Sweepstakes is random.

Reward your audience and increase your engagement

Sweepstakes in Instagram have a primary objective: Increase loyalty and follower engagement with social media marketing dynamics that reward your users for following your posts and interacting with them.

A report with all your participants’ details

Who are your participants? What is their bio? You probably know some of your participants, but the only way to know them all and analyze them is through the report we provide you with Instagram Sweepstakes.

How it works?


Associate your Instagram profile to your Cool Tabs account


Choose the type of sweepstakes (only comments available)


Select the winner(s)


Download a report with the data of your participants

Pricing - Instagram Sweepstakes

Prices shown in euros or USD.
Prices without VAT (applicable by country).
  • Free version


    • Limit of entries: 100
    • 1 sweepstakes per month
    • No reports
  • Basic


    • No entries limit
    • Unlimited sweepstakes per month
    • Comments sweepstakes, mentions sweepstakes and multiple posts sweepstakes.
    • A full report with data from your participants
    • Monthly paid
  • Premium


    • All previous
    • Promoted ads sweepstakes
    • Multiple posts sweepstakes from multiple accounts
    • Monthly paid

Specific features of this type of app

Sweepstakes among followers / retweets
Updated list of entries or followers available upon request
Data storage and downloading reports
Selecting and publishing the names of the winners
More info
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