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Create your branded content campaigns and publish them on your website, app, microsite or social networks without the need to program. Tell us your idea, we can design any type of contest or campaign.

Direct sweepstakes and draws

Improve your conversions and increase your social audience by rewarding your users. Our simple tool selects the winner for you :-).

Create a Facebook draw on your wall with our Wall Promo app. You can choose whether you prefer a likes or comments sweepstake. The selection of winners is fast and easy.

Twitter Sweepstakes is the application for launching Twitter draws among your Twitter followers or those users who retweet one of your tweets. Select the winners randomly and download a report with all the information about your followers.

Create a draw on your Instagram profile with Instagram Sweepstakes. Participants will have to leave a comment, mention some friends or use a certain hashtag to participate.

That's the perfect option if you want to choose the winners among the users who participate in different sweepstakes you create on various social networks. You can upload an Excel spreadsheet and let our tool select the winners for you.

This app allows you to make sweepstakes among different social networks. You will be able to select one or more random winners among the users who participate in your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter draws. You will also be able to include post from promoted Ads. And you will get a validity certificate URL to share the winners page.

Contests and competitions

Contests challenge the participants' abilities in order to win a prize. Generate qualified leads and increase your engagement.

Encourage participants to upload their own images. Users can vote to help you decide which one is the best. Generate engagement, promote User Generated Content related to your brand and services and attract new leads!

In this case, users must upload their own videos to the platform to participate and win. Strengthen the relationship between users and your brand thanks to the creation of original content.

Connect with your audience in a special way by launching a narrative contest. Users will create and upload their own texts and stories. This is a gamification campaign that will help you to generate leads and dynamise your audience.

If you want your campaign to go viral, this is the perfect dynamic. The more referrals your users get to participate, the more likely they are to win the prize. Grow your community and generate qualified leads!

Your brand and campaign will go viral and you'll be able to identify your potential influencers thanks to this kind of campaign. The users that complete more viral actions to spread your promotion will have greater chances to win.

Encourage your users to use a certain #hashtag or upload an image or video related to your brand or company to participate in your Twitter contest. Promote their creativity to expand your target audience and trigger the participation.

If you want to boost your brand on Pinterest, choose this campaign! Users will have to save one of your pins or follow you on this social network. You will increase your engagement and reach. Choose the content for your Pinterest contest wisely.

Make the most out of the use of hashtags and images on Instagram. Create a contest in which participants should upload a video or an image to the platform, using a certain hashtag related to your brand.

The selection of winners in this kind of campaign is automatic, so users won't have to wait to find out. This is a kind of campaign that usually attracts a great number of new followers and leads.


Gamify your community and create unique and original campaigns such as personality tests, quizzes or trivias. We offer you dozens of different dynamics to choose from!

Get your users' direct feedback with a questionnaire with a single question. Ask them about their preferences in a new product or service, for instance. Reward them with a prize related to your brand to ensure a high participation rate.

Launch a quiz or test related to your brand or field of expertise. You can combine different types of content (images, videos...) to make it more entertaining, recommend your own products or give feedback about the answers.

How much do your users know about a certain topic? Test them with a trivia quiz! Reward those participants who get more answers right or set a time limit to answer the questions. Fun and entertainment are guaranteed!

Get your users to connect with your brand through a personality test. What character from series or movie are they? What Spotify list should they listen to? Possibilities are endless! Customise the results, attract your buyer persona and get your campaign to go viral.

Find out what your customers opinions about your products or services are with an opinion survey or poll. You can choose the Net Promoter Score format to measure their degree of loyalty.

Gamification campaigns go a step further with a "Choose your adventure" style quiz. Our question paths will allow you to run campaigns with question flow diagrams, so that each user will follow one path or another, depending on the answers or decisions he or she makes in each step of the diagram.

With this game of chance, users will be able to predict the results of a certain event, like a football match, an awards ceremony, the new season of a TV show... A high number of participants is ensured with this type of dynamic.

Complete your digital strategy thanks to our customer experience management module. Get valuable information about your brand, products and services and create personalised actions to retain your customers. Simple and quick.

Votes contest

A "Choose your favourite" dynamic is perfect for creating interactive challenges and get to know your users' opinions and preferred options when it comes to your products and services.

Launch your votes contest

Discount codes or coupons

Distribute coupon codes among your clients so they redeem them for discounts or gifts. Personalise the coupons and improve customer loyalty.

Launch your coupon promotion