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With Cool Tabs, you can create a dynamic campaign with branded content in a matter of minutes and post it on any channel you'd like (website, app, microsite or social media) — no programming needed! We're here to help — if you can dream it, we can make it!

Campaign Templates

Run your campaign in few minutes! Select, edit and customize the template most suited to your needs. You can create your own templates from campaigns you already have.

Direct sweepstakes and draws

Increase your social audience and improve conversion rates by giving users rewards or gifts. Don't worry about choosing a winner, our tool will do it for you ;-).

It's easy to create a Facebook sweepstakes on your wall with Wall Promo — all participants have to do is like or comment on your post. Pick a winner by number of votes or pick one at random. Both options are quick and easy.

Use our Twitter Sweepstakes app to run sweepstakes with your followers or retweeters. You can download a report with your follower data and choose a winner at random.

Create a sweepstakes on your Instagram account with Instagram Sweepstakes. Cool Tabs keeps a record of every participant that comments, mentions or uses your specific #hashtag, making it easy for you to choose a winner.

Create an online sweepstakes from a list of participants. You can add users that have participated in your sweepstakes on various social media platforms and choose one or more winners from that list.

You can run sweepstakes on various social media platforms with this app. Select one or more winners at random from a list of users that participated in your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter sweepstakes. You can even include participants from sponsored posts. We'll also give you a URL with a certificate of validity so you can share the winners page online.

Contests and competitions

In contests (unlike sweepstakes) participants compete to win a prize. Test your follower's skills with a challenge and use voting to help you choose a winner (if you want).

Ask participants to upload their own photos related with your brand or products. Invite users to vote and help you choose a winner. Generate engagement, strengthen user-generated content and get quality leads!

Just as with a photo contest, users participate by uploading their own videos to the platform. Create original content, combine it with a voting contest and build brand loyalty.

Your users will have to let their literary voices fly to participate in this contest. Invite them to submit their own essays or stories about your products and services. Connect and bond with your audience in a special way, all while collecting their data.

This type of contest will help your campaign go viral. The more referrals users make, the more chances they have to win your prize. Grow your community and generate qualified leads!

This is a great way to make your campaign and brand go viral. It's also a fabulous way to identify quality influencers. The more participants refer your promo, the more points they'll get — and the more points they get, the more chances they'll have of winning.

For your Twitter contest, ask users to use a specific #hashtag or upload an image or video related with your brand or company. Being creative will grow your audience and increase their levels of participation.

Hashtags and photos are kings of the world’s top image-based social media platform, right? So, create an Instagram contest where participants have to upload a video or photo and use a hashtag related with your brand.

With Cool Tabs Instant Win, participants are instantly and automatically informed if they won No waiting! This is one of the must successful ways to generate leads and increase your number of followers.

With Cool Tabs Scratch and Win, you can distribute prizes instantly and automatically among users. Participants must scratch a custom image to discover if they won. No waiting! This is one of the most successful ways to generate leads and increase your number of followers.

Run a Twitch contest or giveaway. Participants have to register with their Twitch account and become followers of the user you specify.


With our games you will be able to easily create gamification campaigns, which will allow you to increase your audience engagement across social media and digital channels, as well as to broaden and segment your database.

This game will allow you to create a lucky wheel campaign to distribute prizes among participants. Your spin and win wheel can be embedded in your own website or published within a microsite that your audience can access to play in the wheel.

Our memory card game is the perfect solution that will allow you to create a complex and fun game in minutes, in which users will have to match pairs of cards within the time limit.

Challenge your users to match pairs of images or related cards so that they can test their knowledge while you boost your customer loyalty.

Entertain your users with an interactive game, inspired by the arcade classics, where players have to dodge oncoming obstacles and score bonuses to conquer the first place of the ranking. Customize it with your own scene, character and music.

Create an online puzzle based on a custom image and challenge your online audience to solve it as quickly as possible. You can set the number of pieces and the points assigned for piecing together.

Put your online audience to the test with this customizable game of skill, in which players have to find the differences between two seemingly identical images, before time runs out. Entertainment is guaranteed!

Entertain your audience with an interactive game in which the participants will have to burst bubbles in order to catch the objects inside and score points. Customize the game with your own images and configure the points to be distributed.

Put your online audience to the test with this customizable game, in which players have to find the hidden objects, before time runs out.

Distribute instant prizes to your users with a game based on an online Jackpot. Add the images that will be displayed on the slot machine reels, as winning combination, and set the number of prizes.

Challenge your users with an interactive game in which they will have to guess a word or phrase, letter by letter, before reaching the limit of failures or running out of time. Each letter guessed will be placed in the corresponding blank space, and they will score points.


From personality tests to path stories and trivia, make the most of our catalogue of questionnaires. Gamify your community by creating unique and original dynamics.

Get direct feedback from your users by posting a simple, single-question questionnaire about a new product or service, their preferences.... Ensure high response rates by rewarding participation.

How much do your users know about a certain topic? Test them with knowledge-based trivia! Limit response time or give a prize to the person that gets the most questions right. Fun and entertainment guaranteed!

Use personality tests to get participants to bond with your brand. Which series or movie character are they? What Spotify list should they listen to? The possibilities are endless! Customize your results, attract your buyer persona and make your campaign go viral!

Find out what your customers think about your products or services by adding a survey to your website. You can use the Net Promoter Score format to gauge customer loyalty or ask different types of questions in a survey format.

Take your gamification campaign one step further and try our "choose-your-own-adventure" style path stories quiz. Establish crossroads and conditional questions and personalize the results based on their responses. Stand out from the competition with this dynamic game!

In this game of chance, users predict the results of a specific event. Create a predictions pool about a sporting event, awards ceremony, the new season of a trending TV show... You can expect high participation rates with this entertaining dynamic.

Complete your digital strategy with our customer experience management module. Get valuable information about your brand, products and services and use it to create customized activities that increase customer loyalty. It's quick and easy.

Create a survey, personality test, or knowledge quiz with the Swipe answer format. Participants have to swipe left or right to answer the questions.

Voting Contest

Create authentic, interactive battles with this “choose your favorite” dynamic, where users pick their favorite option among your products, services, content, photos...

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Discount coupons

Set up a marketing campaign to distribute discount coupons with promo codes and boost your sales. Upload your codes and distribute them easily to your users.

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Promo Codes Validation

Create your Promo Codes Validation campaign to reward your customers with instant prizes. Upload the codes you have distributed and validate them automatically.

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